About Us

The Company

Bonzonate Management and Consulting is a data driven talent management company that offers actors, models and business people data first solutions.
The services include brand creation and maintenance. Social media analytics and training. Marketing and business development services.
Bonzonate Management and Consulting makes use of its proprietary data analytics  software to ensure its clientele make sound  brand management decisions.


We exist to extract meaning from data so that the derived knowledge can be used to make informed decisions. Through data analytics we aim to provide insights to help brands know who their customers are and what their customers are saying about their brand.
Our goal is to be the leading platform for brands to understand their customer.


Building brands through DATA.

Meet The Team

Unathi Matu
Unathi manages contract negotiations, client liaison, campaign management and event coordination. He has a BEng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from UJ and a MEng in Electrical engineering from UCT
Unathi MatuDirector
Tinaye Muzanya
Tinaye has experience in business development and actuarial science. He holds degrees in both actuarial science and mathematics from the University of Pretoria.
Tinaye MuzanyaBusiness developer